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Mob lynchings reflect erosion of values, govt's inability to rein in offenders: Hamid Ansari

New Delhi: Outgoing vice-president Hamid Ansari spoke on a number of issues during his parting interview to Rajya Sabha TV.

In his interview, the vice-president ruled out possibilities of Indian Muslims getting influenced by ISI and such other elements but mentioned that it would be a correct assessment to say that the Muslim community is feeling insecure.

Ansari, who demits office after 10 years as Vice President, claimed that he had flagged the issue of intolerance with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union ministers.

On being asked about the recent courts rulings on 'Jana Gana Mana' to played before every film screening and 'Vande Mataram' to be sung in Tamil Nadu schools and colleges, Ansari said, "The courts are a part of society. So what the courts tend to say sometimes is reflective of what the prevailing atmosphere in society is. I call that a sense of insecurity. This propensity to be able to assert your nationalism day in and day out is unnecessary. I am an Indian and that is it."

When asked to comment about his stand on the 'triple talak', an issue that dominated the news in recent months concerning the Muslim community, the outgoing vice-president said, "Firstly, it is a social aberration, it is not a religious requirement. The religious requirement is crystal clear, emphatic, there are no two views about it but patriarchy, social customs have all crept into it to create a situation which is highly undesirable."