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Inter-state transfer norms draw little cheers from employees

 Amaravati: The guidelines issued by state government on inter-state transfers drew little cheers from employees. They say there may be little benefit from the government orders for employees of both states due to the norms included in the circular such as local, mutual, spouse, same management, subject and cadre.

 Both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana governments jointly issued guidelines for inter-state transfers on August 8.  The inter-state transfers for teachers are permissible only between the same managements, same category or same subject for mutual transfers in both the governments.

 In case of transfer of spouse cases, only one spouse is to be transferred to the other state where the spouse is working on regular basis in state government subject to condition that one of the spouses must be local to the state to which transfer is sought. These conditions made the transfers process difficult and several employees are losing opportunity to go their native state.

 Teachers unions submitted representation to the government on August 9 requesting to allow transfers exempting the conditions such as local, mutual, spouse and teachers are asking for relaxation or restrictions of same management, subject and cadre.

 AP United Teachers Federation (APUTF) leader Manohar told The Hans India that the employees whose spouses are private employees or in other profession would lose the only one opportunity to come to their native state due to the guidelines. “We think there will be no use with the orders of the government on spouse and mutual transfers without giving relaxation from local and other norms on humanitarian grounds” he said.

 However, PDF MLC Boddu Nageswara Rao opined that though the employees were asking for relaxation from present norms, it may not possible to both the governments as the condition on ‘nativity’ was included in Presidential order. 

The AP Reorganisation Act, 2014, as per its Section 77, mandates that the employees of local, district, zonal and multi zonal cadre who fall entirely in one of the successor states of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana were deemed to be allotted to that state. “Telangana will not agree to allow excess employees from AP as it will harm the recruitment opportunities of its local people. AP may also think on the same lines” he opined.

 APJAC chairman Bopparaju Venkateswarlu told The Hans India that the Telugu state governments cannot go against the presidential order. However, he said, the union government might consider the nativity issue if the both governments make a joint request. “But I am not able to comment on the issue in the present situation prevailing in both states” he said.