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83 sales girls lose jobs

Chittoor: About 100 employees including 83 sales girls have lost their livelihood with the fire mishap at Apoorva Textiles here on Friday. All the sales girls are in the age group of 15 and 21 and they were working as contract employees without appointment orders and identity cards, for a monthly amount ranging from Rs 2,000 to 4,000. Several sales girls belong to villages surrounding Chittoor. 

The management did not provide minimum salaries, Provident Fund and other benefits to them. Services of employees were not regularised even though they were working for more than six years in the showroom. The employees decided to approach Labour Commissioner as the management made it clear that no regular or contract employees are working with them.
Speaking to reports, sales girl G Hemalatha expressed anguish over the attitude of the management towards its employees. She made an appeal to the District Collector to provide employment to them besides compensation from the management of the Apoorva Textiles. She said that no sales girl is interested to work in Tirupati branch due to various reasons. One of the partners of gutted textile showroom said that they did not take any decision whether to utilise services of sales girls in Tirupati branch.