Is RSS Anti national, traitors Org. ? Demonstrates as modern Drutharastra, in discriminating, poisoning Mother India?

Is RSS Anti national, traitors Org. ?  Demonstrates as modern Drutharastra,  in discriminating, poisoning Mother India?

A case of the Motnath Residency Housing Cooperative Housing Society Limited in Gujarat’s Harni district wherein majority Hindus are protesting against the allotment of a government flat to a Muslim woman. The woman, a government employee, is facing discrimination as residents claim the housing complex is Hindu-dominated. Is RSS Anti nationals, traitors Organisation? Playing role of modern Drutarastra in allowing BJP to poison the body of Mother India and her 135 Crore of her children?

The nation advises the rank and file of the Right Wing organisations headed by the unregistered RSS and BJP and their affiliated organisations to restrain from slogoneering as the Bharath Maata Ki Jai while practing against mother India in reverse mode.

The RSS chief Mohan Bhagawat has been kept informed well through the media and it is time for RSS to demonstrate that the RSS factually is an anti national as it advocates as traitors and  continue to spread poison into the blood  against Mother India's 135 Crore children.

Tthe true nationalists to realise the factual dangers to the society as a whole from the manuwadies dividing the Hindu-Muslim Societies and next hate will be between the Sanathani and Hindus, The next hate will, be between the Hindus - Moollavasy OBCs.. 

The next hate will, be between the Moolavasy OBCs and Moolavasy Dalits who are 97 percent of the Indian population and all these are conspired for the political survival of the RSS and its hand BJP and such political parties should be black listed and promoters of such hate like Khalistan promoters should be thrown behind the bars in the larger interests of the nation.  It needs to be stopped to see all Indians live like brothers and sisters.

Since a division between the societies is like poisoning the nation against her big book the constitution, every true Indian should love and respect his fellow human being.

Otherwise there are chances of civil war, and since Narendra Modi seeded the division between Hindu-Muslim for his political climbing up to the preme minister's office India can not expect to be saved by him. It is for the  RSS to realise its mistakes before India' is burnt in civil war, Mujeeb forecasted.