BJP is spreading the communal and divisive agenda

BJP is spreading the communal and divisive agenda

By taking the name of Ram alone, the ruling party BJP is spreading the communal and divisive agenda of Nathuram as a “political ploy”. There was an effort to belittle the contribution of the Gandhi-Nehru family and claimed that “vyaktivaad” (individualism) was more “dangerous” than “parivarvaad” (dynasticism).

The BJP was making an attempt to reduce the greatness of the Hindu religion, as in the Ram’s concept there is no scope of hatred towards anyone.

How the Congress and the INDIA bloc would deal with what many perceive as a wave over the Ram temple construction in Ayodhya that could benefit the BJP in the Lok Sabha polls is a million question.

What is the need for the Congress to deal with it? There is nothing wrong if there is a wave of Lord Ram in the country, it would have been wrong if there would have been a wave of ‘Nathuram (reference to Mahatma Gandhi’s assassin Nathuram Godse)’ in the country.

What the BJP is propagating that, it had no role in it. Ram ji was in Treta Yug, the BJP was formed in 1980. The BJP is engaged in how to dupe those innocent people who believe in Ram, so, Ram’s name (naam) is taken but actions (kaam) are of Nathuram. This game benefits the BJP..

This is against the history, culture and the future of the coming generation of the country.

The concept of Ram is ingrained in the country with people and places named after him.

We cannot reduce Ram in a place. In other religions, a particular place is very important but in Hindu religion all places are important and all Gods are important. Ram is as important as Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma. So Hindu religion is different from other religions.

What has happened is that those who believe in the Hindu religion are being duped for the sake of political gain of the BJP.

A predent man can say that how attempts are being made to reduce the greatness of the religion. In Ram ji’s concept there is no scope of hatred towards anyone, but the BJP and its remote contrlling RSS is comfortable how the BJP contnues its cheating for the sake Hindu Rastra.

The whole Ramayan is about the way of life and explains what is ethical and what is unethical.  But the BJP has selected unethical. As the Ram and Ramyana are not just in one form but in several forms.

If you talk of Ramayan, there is Tulsidas ji’s Ramayan and Valmiki’s Ramayan and there are many tales that our different in them, there are hundreds of other Ramayans in this country. This country’s culture and history is associated with Ram. The only concerning thing is that by taking Ram’s name, Nathuram’s communalism and divisiveness on the basis of identity is being spread as a political ploy which is dangerous.

Ram’s name has been there since Treta Yug, it has been there before BJP’s birth and it will continue till beyond BJP’s end.

There is a bias and a deliberate attempt to ridicule the background of Nehru family. On the allegation of ‘parivaarvaad’ on the Congress, one likes to ask that is it just limited to the Gandhi-Nehru ‘parivaar’ or it is applicable to other leaders as well? If it is applicable to other leaders as well then.

The nation has a direct question – Till the time Jyotiraditya Scindia was in Congress, he was ‘parivaarvadi’ but as soon as he crossed over to the BJP, he has become ‘rashtravadi, samajwadi and sanghvadi’?.

Be it any sector, from business to film industry to academia (it is there), so either we are all ‘parivaarvadis’ or if it is wrong, it should wrong for everyone. It can’t be that Congress’ parivarvaad is wrong and BJP’s is right.

There need to remind of BJP leaders Ravi Shankar Prasad, Piyush Goyal, Anurag Thakur and BCCI secretary Jay Shah, pointing out that with their fathers having been or in politics, it amounts to dynasticism.

The contribution of the Nehru-Gandhi family was being underestimated despite two prime ministers — Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi — having given their life for the country.

In this day and age when people retweet for the Congress in the night and switch sides the next morning, two PMs gave their lives. What was the need for Nehru to stay in jail for 15 years, he was Motilal Nehru’s son. So the sacrifice and contribution of that family has been reduced.

It will be too late that the people realise that ‘vyaktivaad’ was more dangerous than ‘parivaarvaad’.

Modi ji decided that Shivraj Singh Chouhan will not be CM, (former Haryana CM)Khattar Sahab slept as CM and woke up to know that he is not the CM…where these decisions are being taken? This is worse than parivaarvaad, individualism is more dangerous with one person taking all decisions. And the democracy can be seen working nowhere.