BJP tried to destabilize INDIA, Jharkhand govt

BJP tried to destabilize  INDIA, Jharkhand govt

The BJP tried to destabilise the Jharkhand government elected by the people after destabilising the INDIA bloc stood up against its “conspiracy” and did not let them “steal the popular mandate”,  

The BJP has “money power" by getting 95 per cent of the waived amount from the Thieves of the Indian treasury by Quid Pro Quo  means and silencing the opposition by way of abusing the probe agencies.  The democracy lovers and  factual nationalists were not scared of the BJP and the RSS and will keep on fighting against their “divisive ideology” to ensure democratic India remains intact..

It is time for rue sons and daughters of India to drive away the “divisive agenda” of the RSS and the BJP for empowering people without delivery of Socio-Economic- political Justice and equality between all vernas of under RSS and BJP proposing Manusmrthi under Hindu Rashtra in the country.

The BJP once again tried to steal and destabilise the Jharkhand government which had been elected by the people of Jharkhand. RSS and BJP is continuing their efforts to divide the nation on the lines of Hindu Rashtra, once Shudras realise the game plan of RSS and BJP there will be no time for the early invaders of India (the RSS) as the RSS will be thrown in Hindu maha Samandar. by none other than Shudras. 

The Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance (INDIA) stood up against the BJP’s “conspiracy” and did not let them “steal the popular mandate”. People should be aware of the fact that there is widespread injustice prevailing across the country. There is a “back-breaking price rise and increasing unemployment”.

It is impossible for the youth to get employment in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s India

The Modi government’s demonetisation policy and “flawed GST” implementation for “destruction of small and medium industries” were the backbone of employment generation in the country.

The rate of unemployment in the country right now is the highest in the last 40 years. The people of Jharkhand are frustrated and Modi and his BJP will realise the subject's concern in the 2024 election.

India is compelled to listen to Modi's Manki Ki Baat, and the Prime Minister Narendra Modi does not have time to follow the Constitution of India and listen to people's Mann Ki Baat,” it is part of destroying the democracy of India.

India needs economic and social justice and justice for minority empowerment, farmers, the youth and other marginalised people.

Champai Soren, who was sworn-in as the chief minister of Jharkhand on Friday, also addressed the public meeting and assured to deliver Constitutional guarantees, socio-economic justice to the Jharkhand people.

JMM executive president Hemant Soren was arrested by the Enforcement Directorate on Wednesday night in an alleged money-laundering case linked to an alleged land fraud after he resigned as Jharkhand chief minister..