CDS misleads "No need for a written national security policy"

CDS misleads "No need for a written national security policy"

India's top military officer, General (Gen) Anil Chauhan, Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) has deliberately misled that the absence of a written National Strategic Policy (NSP) does not imply that the country lacks such a policy. 

There can not be any accountability of the military personnel to the State on account of their abuse of the law, and their malfunctioning in the name of the Country's security policy in the absence of any written policy.  The Defence is famous for abusing the Armed Forces Act in minories dominant States.  

The CDS highlighted that constituents of the NSP continue to exist and contested the insistence on having an NSP in a written format. The book release of ‘Crafting a New Indian Art of War’ is yet another manipulative book for the unlawful function and execution of the provisions of Special Armed Forces Act in notified areas across the nation.

When India talks about the national security strategy, it is consistent with any other law in force.  Nobody believes its blanket sanctions and powers to armed forces personnel.  
It should consist of policy, processes, and practices to succeed. In our country, probably all three are abused in addressing. Thus there everythings should be in written policy, which the subjects insist on as India is a Social, Secular, Welfare and democratic state.

If India didn’t have a policy, we wouldn’t have succeeded as we did in revoking Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, what army commanders insist is felt above the law. Army crushed the innocent people in the name of a special armed forces act. 
Even there was a bloodbath but the army gave it the different colour during revocation of Article 370 in Muslim dominant Jammu and Kashmir. Everything happened in the name of armed forces special law, byt army CSD misleads that nothing like that happened.

It is unworthy for the top military commander who unnecessarily highlighted the successful combating of Covid-19 in a country of 1.4 billion people, where the medicos and para medical personnel and NGOs played a vital part in combating Covid-19. 
That worked in spite of the fact that there was no strategy behind it. The commitment of medical and paramedical and of course of the NGOs, India could achieve her goal. 
Even the Balakot airstrike and the Uri airstrike went unchecked— if there was pro RSS policy as there was no strategy.  It is wrong on the part of CDS to claim that the Army played a vital role in combating Covid-19 strategically. 
Many wrongs went unnoticed since there was no written document. And a written document actually doesn’t count as the one way traffic, which is our army, police machinery.

The CDS incorporated the example of Israel.  Why copy undemocratic Isreal that Israel doesn’t have a written policy, but they do have a national security policy. 
In may be a significant step to revamp the defence planning institutional mechanism, the government established the Defence Planning Committee (DPC) under the chairmanship of the National Security Adviser (NSA) on April 18, 2018. 
It was to facilitate integrated planning at the apex level and its focused execution to promote defence diplomacy and indigenisation of the defence sector.