Committed to the cause of poor students’ empowerment

Committed to the cause of poor students’ empowerment

KADAPA: Aiming to uplift underprivileged, Katuru Phani Raj Kumar has been actively involved himself in various service programmes extending a helping hand to the government school students in the fields of education and health.

Considered a role model in community services, 55-year-old Raja Kumar, a native of Vijayawada, drew inspiration from Puttaparthi Sathya Sai Baba, whom he met in 2002, and has been providing basic services to the government school students over the past two decades.

Dr Phani Raj Kumar, who holds a Ph.D in Mechanical Engineering, had worked in Indian Army for 11 years, Intel Group, and Tech Mahindra in the USA, before serving as the Director of ChainSys Corporation, USA.

With the establishment of the Harita Foundation in 2008, he has been actively conducting service programmes in collaboration with friends and donors, and has been providing basic facilities to government school students, incentive prizes through the ‘My Voice’ programme, and personality development initiatives.

Raj Kumar’s unwavering commitment to service and his tireless efforts to improve the lives of others exemplify the true spirit of philanthropy and compassion. The impact of Raj Kumar’s philanthropic endeavours extends beyond mere financial assistance, as evidenced by his holistic approach to uplifting communities through education and social welfare initiatives.

From organising elocution competitions at the school and mandal levels to providing essential supplies and educational opportunities for students, Raja Kumar’s efforts have significantly enhanced educational access and quality in underserved areas. His efforts also include extending financial assistance to health camps, knowledge tours and essential facilities to government schools.

Additionally, Raja Reddy’s support for Reddy Kottala mandal parishad primary school highlights a dedication to improving the overall well-being of students, facilitating access to essential services like Aadhaar cards and promoting literacy through library initiatives.

Recognising his endeavours, Phani Raj Kumar has been conferred with several awards in various occasions. Recently, he was honoured by Telangana Governor Tamilisai Soundararajan for his unwavering support to the students.

As an alumni of Jawaharlal National Technological University- Hyderabad, he donated a 3D printing machine worth Rs 20 lakh to the university’s Directorate of Entrepreneurship Innovation Centre. His willingness to collaborate with local authorities and respond to the specific needs of schools, as exemplified by the establishment of a library at Dadapeer school in Reddy Kottala, underscores his adaptive and proactive approach to community development.

Moreover, his emphasis on utilising social media as a platform for transparency and accountability reflects a commitment to engaging stakeholders and fostering community involvement in his initiatives.

As Raj Kumar continues to channel a significant portion of his earnings towards service programmes, his vision to expand support for impoverished students with the assistance of friends and corporate partners signals a sustained commitment to creating transformative change in society.

Through his unwavering dedication and collaborative efforts, Raj Kumar becomes the living example of the power of individual initiative and collective action in driving positive social impact.

Students receive digital edu tools

Under Katuru Phani Raj Kumar’s patronage, services were extended to Varikunta village in Kasinayana mandal, where 160 students of upper primary school received essentials and digital education tools. Additionally, his support for Reddy Kottala mandal parishad primary school highlights a dedication to improving the overall well-being of students