Farmer trampled to death by elephant in Asifabad district

Hyderabad: A farmer was trampled to death by an elephant in Burepally village of Koutala mandal in KB Asifabad district on Wednesday.

The elephant, a male sub-adult, entered into the village from the bordering area of Maharashtra, said forest department officials. On receipt of information from Maharashtra, the concerned forest staff of Karjelly range patrolled the bordering area.

Following the incident, the forest staff immediately informed the local police and revenue officials about the elephant to resolve the problem. The combined teams from the forest, police and revenue departments have been directed to ensure that no villagers should venture out of their houses for now.

Telangana Forest department officials as a precautionary measures have also purchased crackers to chase away the elephant.

District Forest Officer Asifabad Niraj Tiberwal and Field Director KTR Shanta Ram are closely monitoring the situation from the spot along with local police and revenue officials. The joint teams are monitoring the situation and are trying to chase away the elephant.

On enquiring, Maharashtra forest department officials said that a herd had entered into Gadchiroli forest two days back, which later moved to southern part of Maharashtra. The elephant entered into Telangana village crossing Pranhita leaving the heard in Maharashtra boarder. Immediate compensation for human death is also being arranged to the family of deceased person, officials said.

The CWLW of Maharashtra and other officials also have been contacted for better exchange of information and further assistance and coordination to trace the elephat if required.