Kadiyam Kavya backed off from the contest

Kadiyam Kavya backed off from the contest

Hyderabad: The BRS candidate for Warangal Lok Sabha Dr Kadiyam Kavya has backed off from the contest. Kavya informed about her decision to withdraw from the candidature to the BRS chief through a letter. 

Kavya said that she was concerned with the latest developments where there were allegations against party leaders on phone tapping, corruption and also the liquor scam.

The BRS had given ticket to Kavya replacing the sitting MP Pasunuri Dayakar. Kavya is the daughter of senior leader Kadiyam Srihari.

Kavya said that several developments like allegations of corruption and scams these have hampered the image of the party and the leaders in the party were also not with unity, which is also adding to big loss to the party. "Under these circumstances, I have decided to withdraw from contesting the elections.

Party chief KCR and other workers should forgive me," said Kavya.