Madhavi paves successful path from IT sector to politics 

Madhavi paves successful path from IT sector to politics 

Nellimarla (Vizianagaram): Lokam Madhavi, a prominent figure in IT sector, has made a remarkable transition into politics by defeating B Appala Naidu of the YSRCP in the Nellimarla Assembly constituency of Vizianagaram district.

Madhavi’s victory is particularly significant as she is the only woman legislator from the Jana Sena Party (JSP). Coming from a corporate background, Madhavi has long been committed to social causes, believing that a portion of her earnings should benefit the less fortunate.

Over the past few years, she has dedicated herself to serving the people of Nellimarla, consistently addressing the needs of the underprivileged.  Madhavi supports the women, youth and local fishing community.

She contested from JSP in 2019 but was defeated due to lack of public support. Despite this setback, she did not leave the political field and intensified her social services. Her support to the people during the Covid-19 pandemic was crucial.

Despite lacking a political background and traditional caste support, Madhavi has successfully garnered substantial public backing. She has particularly resonated with the youth, engaging with them directly and promising to enhance their careers and futures if elected.

As the head of a successful software company, she has pledged to offer training and job opportunities in the IT industry to local youth. She vowed to change the face of Nellimarla and bring industries to this region to provide jobs to local youth.

Her political acumen was evident in her ability to change the local political dynamics. She became successfully convinced all TDP aspirants and garnered support from NDA cadres.

This helped her in security a majority of 39.849 votes in the recent elections with which her reputation has further strengthened among her party legislators.