Making English Easy for Everyone

Making English Easy for Everyone

Bengaluru:  Ayesha Parveen, the founder and trainer of Think Beyond Success teaches oOnline English. Ayesha Parveen is a leading figure in the realm of English language education.

With a Bachelor's degree in Humanities, specializing in Psychology, Literature, and Journalism, and a diploma in Computer Science, Ayesha brings a unique blend of academic knowledge and practical experience to her teaching approach.

Based in Bangalore, Karnataka, Ayesha has dedicated the past five years to teaching English and sharing invaluable insights online.

Ayesha's journey hasn't been a smooth ride. Growing up in a big family with limited finances, she faced challenges.

Despite excelling in academics, speaking English fluently remained a daunting task for her, especially during her college years. Determined to overcome her linguistic barriers,

Ayesha developed a unique teaching approach—the Natural Learning Method. This method enables students to learn English without delving into grammar intricacies or relying on translation.

Instead, they become spontaneous speakers with ease, a technique backed by physiological research. Ayesha's success stories abound.

She has trained numerous individuals, including YouTubers, working professionals, teachers, and homemakers, all of whom have achieved remarkable results and praise her Natural Learning Method.

Ayesha's dedication and hard work have earned her recognition from prestigious organizations. The Indian Leadership Academy acknowledged her unwavering commitment and dedication by awarding her on Women's Day Special for her outstanding contributions to language education.

Furthermore, Think Beyond Success Online English has garnered widespread acclaim and recognition. With a 5-grade ranking on Google and top-rated status on all other social media platforms, Ayesha's business stands as a testament to the effectiveness and quality of her courses.

Driven by a desire to make India English-literate, Ayesha believes that language should be accessible to all, regardless of background or budget. Her courses are designed to make English learning enjoyable and accessible to everyone.

Before embarking on her teaching journey, Ayesha spent a decade in the logistics industry. However, her passion for language education led her to make a significant career change.  Now, she is renowned for her friendly teaching style and dedication to her students' success.

Join Ayesha Parveen on her mission to make English learning easy and enjoyable for everyone. With her guidance, you can become a confident English speaker too!