Man succumbs to burns after wife throws boiling water,

Man succumbs to burns after wife throws boiling water,

Hyderabad: In a tragic turn of events, a woman allegedly threw boiling water at her husband following a heated argument on Wednesday. The husband sustained severe burns and tragically passed away on Thursday while receiving treatment at a government hospital.

The distressing incident unfolded in the Subash Nagar area of Karimnagar, sending shockwaves through the community. The deceased, identified as Hemanth, worked as an employee in a private company, while his wife, Rohini, was employed in the children’s department of a local government hospital.

According to police reports, the couple had been embroiled in petty arguments for several days prior to the incident.

On Wednesday, tensions escalated, leading to verbal abuse exchanged between the husband and wife. Allegedly, Rohini, overcome by emotions, resorted to extreme measures by bringing boiling water to the stove and pouring it on her husband, inflicting severe burns.

Authorities are investigating the matter further to ascertain the circumstances leading to the fatal altercation.