Cow Vigilantes victim claims gang-rape, MFI demands encountering all accused

Cow Vigilantes victim claims gang-rape, MFI demands encountering all accused

Haveri: In an alarming development, a victim of Cow Vigilents (moral policing) released a video on Thursday in which she said that a minority woman was repeatedly gang-raped by the cow vigilantes in Haveri district of Karnataka State.  Muslim Federation of India (MFI) Karnataka President Dr. Syeda  Muskaan Jahan demands to a detaled enquiry and if found guilty to encount all the accused persons like in case of Shadnagar in Telangana gang rape. She saluted the then Cyberanad Police Commissioner, in Hyderabad for executing all the accused. 

MFI National President MA Mujeeb seconding the demand by the Karnataka MFI President also demanded for encountering all the accused, MFIs national president MA Mujeeb asked the Siddaramaiah Karnataka Government to follow the footsteps laid by the then Telangana State Chief Minister K, Chandrasekhara Rao encountering all the accused Shanagar, under the limits of Hyderabad's Cyberabad Police Commissionerate.. 

Mujeeb said  it is necessary to restrain RSS/BJP from honouring all the gang rape accused persns like in the of Bilkis Banu, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 2002 The charectorless BJP and the RSS garlanded the rapists and muderers  and termed them as the charectorful super Brahmins like in Hindu - Manusmrithi, Mujeeb added. 

Mujeeb recalled that  one of the victims in 2002 Gujarat communal rioting by the BJP/RSS, including Bilkis Banu of 2002 was finally given justice by the Supreme Court by sending all the accused back to Jail.

The homemaker was dragged out of a hotel after being seen with a person from another religion serving the food and beaten up in Hangal town on January 8.

The victim who belongs to the minority community stated that, when she was at the hotel, a gang of five to six men barged inside, questioned her and took her on their bikes forcibly.

They took her to an isolated place and assaulted her brutally and later, all of them raped her. Later, they asked her to sit in a car and the driver also raped her.

Her ordeal did not end here. She was taken to two to three places and gang-raped, and later taken to a National Highway in Karnataka where she got on a bus.

“I want them to be punished,” she demanded in the video in an appeal to the police.

The husband of the victim has also come before the media and stated that his wife was gang-raped by the gang of vigilantes.

“They had kidnapped and inhumanly attacked my wife. She had opened up about this brutality with one of the family members. She had not told me,” he stated.

Reacting to the development, Haveri SP, Anshu Kumar Srivastava, stated that based on the video statement by the victim, a case would be filed and investigated.

Earlier, the woman had gone to the police station in Hangal and made a statement before senior officers and police women.

“The gang-rape matter was not reported at that time. Now that she has come out and narrated the incident her statement would be recorded and stringent action would be initiated in the case,” Srivastava stated.