Narendra Modi acted more as pujari than apolitical PM since 2014,  his exist became eminent 

Narendra Modi acted more as pujari than apolitical PM since 2014,  his exist became eminent 

Narendra Modi indeed has become an outgoing prime minister as the polling held so far clearly indicates that the BJP has been wiped out from south India and reduced to 1/3 of the half in the rest of the country.

The PM ever since he polarised voters on religious lines walked into the office of the PMO after the dramatic carnage of killing thousands of Muslims and Hindus in stage managed human sacrifices and carnage in Gujarat series of unrests 2002.

Contrary to the ground realities, Narendra Modi now and past from  his becoming the CM of Gujarat deliberately lying that he never did Hindu-Muslim politics.

PM Narendra Modi always played majority and minority, Hindu and Muslims Gods, a living Rakshaka-man eater Narakasura whenever he wished to kill 40 CRPF jawans prior to 2019 general elections. He can be judged as the worst PM in the golden history of Indian post independence.  

Narendra Modi ever since he got enrolled as RSS worker, always encouraged Hindu-Muslim, Hindu -Christian politics including in pulling down the places of worship, promoting litigating on places of worship against the provisions of religious places of worship act.

There are dozens of reasons to show him doors, that is how Narendra Modi became an outgoing prime minister. 

He has desperately abused the Constitution of India, misruled India, who successfully ensured that there are no Muslim judges in dozen of Indian High Courts and restrained MPs from entering the Parliament, thus minorities disowned him as the Prime Minister of entire India but of the Husus. 

Even the moolavasy SCs, STs and OBCs that is the factual reason after the initial phases of the elections projects he adjudged as the outgoing PM. Amit Shah left no stone turned in becoming an outgoing home minister. Indeed India will get rid of the pandemic of lies after June 4.

Narendra Modi however has forgotten that 25 + Crore Muslims despite pay their taxes to the nation like other citizens are being abused and ignored their basic needs instead despite among Muslims Barbars, Dhobies, Butchers, Coolies (labour) cleaning houses being housemaids etc.  

Muslims are being considered on par with Sanskari Brahmins not being conspired as backwards on par with rest of Indian societies while their counterparts among alleged Hindus (who are in fact Moolavasies, the original inhabitants) simply for the reasons to add fuel to fire to BJP and RSS promoting conspiracy to weaken India.

Narendra Modi however ensured “Modi ki Guarantee” to divide the nation Hindu-Muslim-Christians vertically has fallen flat and there was no talk about ‘Viksit Bharat’, and the BJP’s campaign was now revolving around “Hindu-Muslim-Christians. It is not known who will form the next government at the Centre, and would ensure a nation-wide, nationwide caste census to justify the OBCs, SCs and STs. Though he wants to make Muslim free India.

Though caste census was long due, it was necessary to give proper representation to SCs, STs and backward classes.

The BJP-led government besides working against Indian spirit badly misused the ED, CBI and IT Department and tried to invoke the judiciary into Quid-Pro Quo.

The Modi Government played fraud with the nation and never invited the President of India to inaugurate the new building of the Indian Parliament  and the Muslims gifted Ram temple.

Narendra Modi openly demonstrated Quid Pro Quo in the acquisition  and the construction of the Ram Temple that too 3 Kms away from the alleged birthplace of Ram Lalla.

Thus, Modi promoted corruption and the billions of donations from all sections of Indian societies including this editor.  .

Narendra Modi played 10 years as the pujari than the responsible Prime Minister of India.  He never demonstrated himself apolitical above the Board.

Every true citizen accuses and hates the Narendra Modi government for weakening laws related to land acquisition so that “capitalists” could benefit, and State's institution including the Election Commission of India.  

There is an urgent need for restoration of previous law with regard to appointment of selection committee members for the selection of the ECI members.

Indian democracy is at stake and the Constitution of the country, and India is fighting this election to save these vital institutions.

The BJP is misleading to give the BJP a slogan of 400-paar. Our 400-paar is about raising the daily minimum wage to Rs 400, including that for MGNREGA workers.