Priyanka Chopra shares glimpse of injury from set of ‘The Bluff’

Priyanka Chopra shares glimpse of injury from set of ‘The Bluff’

New Delhi: Actor Priyanka Chopra recently shared a glimpse of her recent injury while filming her upcoming movie, ‘The Bluff.’

Known for her candour on social media, Chopra took to Instagram Stories to update fans on a challenging moment during the production.

In a series of updates on Wednesday morning, Chopra revealed a photograph of a bruise just below her throat, incurred during the filming of ‘The Bluff.’

“Oh the professional hazards on my jobs,” Chopra captioned the image, along with hashtags referencing her latest project, ‘The Bluff,’ and the demanding stunts involved in its production.

Directed by Frank E Flowers, ‘The Bluff’ is set in the 19th-century Caribbean and follows the story of a former female pirate, played by Priyanka, who must protect her family when the sins of her past catch up to her.

Produced by Russo Brothers’ banner AGBO Studios and Amazon MGM Studios, the film promises to be a thrilling adventure.

Priyanka Chopra, who is busy filming ‘The Bluff’ in Australia, often shares heartwarming glimpses of her family time on social media.

She recently shared a heartwarming moment of family bliss in another Instagram Story update.

The ‘Citadel’ star posted a picture of her daughter, Malti Marie Chopra Jonas, engrossed in drawing with colourful pencils, captioning it with a simple yet emotive “Reunited (red heart emoticon).”