Rain threat looms over Florida leg of T20 World Cup

Rain threat looms over Florida leg of T20 World Cup

CHENNAI: The Dallas leg of the T20 World Cup has been full of vibes. Thanks to the host nation’s opening night exploits against Canada, it caught the imagination. The NY leg belatedly caught fire but the nature of the pitches is a sore point. In a few hours, the caravan will move to Fort Lauderhill.

Most of the Asian countries are slated to play there including India, who round out their group assignments against Canada on June 15. However, worryingly, a flood warning is in for the area for the next couple of days.

“Enhanced tropical moisture is expected to pool across South Florida beginning on Tuesday,” a warning from AccuWeather says about the upcoming event. “This will result in periods of heavy rain. High rainfall rates and slow-moving storms will result in flooding concerns, especially in urban and poor drainage locations.” There could even be problems while travelling.

AccuWeather suggests that the places including Coastal Broward County and Metro Broward County — the games are scheduled to played at Central Broward — could be experiencing a lot of rainfall in the days ahead.

The weather situation could affect the destiny of multiple teams. If the Ireland and US game doesn’t go ahead, then the hosts may qualify at Pakistan’s expense. Likewise, if the Sri Lanka game doesn’t happen, it’s supposed to start raining from Tuesday afternoon, it will give one of Netherlands or Bangladesh a massive advantage in Group D. It’s understood that ICC’s usual weather travel contingencies will be in place.

Lauderhill’s games (IST)

June 12 Nepal vs Sri Lanka

June 14 US vs Ireland

June 15 Canada vs India

June 16 Ireland vs Pakistan