Savithamma Assumes Charge as Minister, Signs Free DSC Coaching File

Savithamma Assumes Charge as Minister, Signs Free DSC Coaching File

Amaravati : Savithamma took charge as the Minister of Backward Classes Welfare & Welfare of Economically Weaker Sections and Handloom & Textile Departments in the state on 20th June.

Her first official act as minister was to sign a document providing free DSC coaching to backward class students and unemployed individuals in BC study circles. 

During the ceremony at 10.35 am, Savithamma signed the free DSC coaching file and continued the NTR foreign education scheme, showing her commitment to the welfare of the marginalized communities.

Speaking to the press, she mentioned the formation of a BC Commission for the welfare of backward classes and assured the completion of the construction of BC Bhawans in all 13 districts.

She also promised subsidies and incentives for handloom artists and handicraftsmen, urging people to wear handloom clothes at least once a week to support local artisans.

Chief Minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu praised her appointment as the Backward Classes Minister, highlighting the expansion of BC residential schools under his leadership.

The event was attended by MLAs, government officials, and representatives of BC Sanghas and handloom artisans. Savithamma also visited a handloom stall to understand the issues faced by the community and ensure their resolution.

Her appointment is seen as a progressive step towards the empowerment of marginalized groups in the state.