Tomato prices soar to Rs 80 per kg at retail markets across Kurnool district

Tomato prices soar to Rs 80 per kg at retail markets across Kurnool district

KURNOOL: Due to the non-availability of stocks in local markets, tomato prices have soared to Rs 80 per kg at various open retail markets in Kurnool district, particularly in Yemmiganur, Adoni and Kurnool city. The prices are expected to reach Rs 100 per kg in the next couple of days.

The price of tomato has increased from Rs 2 per kg in August 2023 to `80 in June in the Pathikonda wholesale market in Kurnool district. Traders opined that the situation may continue till the end of July.

The reason for the spike in prices is attributed to a drop in production due to less rain in the district, resulting in a fall in yield by 60 per cent.

Pathikonda tomato wholesale market yard secretary Sreenivasulu said that tomatoes are being imported from Madhanapalle and Palamaner in Andhra Pradesh, and from Chintamani in Karnataka, as the farmers in the district have not shown interest in cultivating tomato crops due to off-season.

A total of five Rythu Bazaars, including three in Kurnool city, one each in Adoni and Nandyal town, are functioning in the combined Kurnool district. In general, at least 7-10 tonnes of tomato is needed in every Rythu Bazaar to meet the demand of the people, however, less than 2 tonnes of stock is being sold in bazaars due to the rise in prices, said C Camp Rythu Bazar estate officer T Harish Kumar.

He further said that the State government has planned to intervene. The government-procured tomatoes may arrive in the markets in the next couple of days if the prices continue to follow the same trend.

According to Hanumantharao Chowdary, a wholesale trading commissioner agent in the Kurnool agriculture market yard, wholesale traders are purchasing tomatoes at a cost of Rs 1,500 per 25-kg box. After adding the transport, labour and other costs, he added that the vegetable is being sold at Rs 75 per kg to retailers and Rs 80 to Rs 90 per kg to consumers.

Tomato price in Rythu Bazaars is Rs 54

The price of tomatoes in the retail market is Rs55 to Rs 65 per kg, while in Rythu Bazaars, the average subsidised price is Rs 54 per kg, said P Prasanthi, Director of Marketing and the CEO of Rythu Bazaars. In a release on Tuesday, she said that the marketing department has prepared immediate price stabilisation measures and has taken steps to purchase tomatoes from markets in Chittoor district and sell them at the Rythu Bazaars.

In the last ten days, about 30 tonnes of tomatoes were procured from markets of Chittoor and Annamayya districts and sold at the Rythu Bazaars of Guntur, NTR, and Krishna districts.