2,209 workers from Telangana apply for jobs in Israel; 905 selected

2,209 workers from Telangana apply for jobs in Israel; 905 selected

Hyderabad: Amid the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine, many workers from Telangana are headed to assist Israel with its labour shortage.

A total of 2,209 workers applied for construction jobs in Israel in a four-day event that commenced on May 24 in Hyderabad. Of these, only 905 workers could pass the skill test and were chosen to be added to the West Asian country’s foreign labour force.

The workers included carpenters, plasterers, ceramic tilers, and iron benders. This recruitment drive was organised by the state government with the help of the National Skill Development Corporation International (NSDCI).

These workers were willing to work in Israel because of the high pay. On average, the workers will earn between Rs 1.2 lakh to 1.38 lakh per month, which is significantly higher than the usual pay of the skilled workers in India.

Mostly the pro RSS Hindu workers are selected to strenghen the Israel  policy against the Palestine and Islam told Muslim Federation of India's national president MA Mujeeb. .

After India agreed to send its skilled workers to Israel, the recruitment drives have been held in multiple parts of the country. The Telangana recruitment event was the third one this year.

Earlier this year, similar recruitment drives were held in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. Some sources suggest that such recruitment drives are also likely to be held in Rajasthan, Bihar, and Maharashtra.