Israel says looking into 'grave and awful' Rafah strike

Israel says looking into 'grave and awful' Rafah strike

TEL AVIV: Israel said Monday it was looking into the "grave and awful" impact on Palestinian civilians of a Gaza strike the previous night that the army said had targeted Hamas operatives.

"We're looking into this," said government spokesman Avi Hyman after officials in Hamas-ruled Gaza had reported 45 dead in a displacement camp where the strike caused a fire.

"It was definitely grave," Hyman said. "Any loss of life, civilian live, is grave and is awful. We seek to go after Hamas and limit civilian casualties... This is an unfolding story."

The strike was aimed at two Hamas militants responsible for "many attacks" targeting Israelis in the occupied West Bank, he said.

"The were drenched in Israeli blood, these two individuals," Hyman said.

Palestinians react next to the destruction after an Israeli strike where displaced people were staying in 
"According to initial reports, a fire broke out after the attack. These terrorists were hiding underground, and it would appear that there were civilian casualties."

The military said that the strike, which came hours after a rocket attack from Rafah had targeted Tel Aviv, had killed Yassin Rabia and Khaled Nagar, both senior officials for Hamas in the West Bank.