Vigil stepped up on sale of fertiliser, seeds ahead of Kharif

Vigil stepped up on sale of fertiliser, seeds ahead of Kharif

GUNTUR: As the farmers are gearing up for Kharif season, the agriculture officials have increased vigil on fertiliser and seeds outlets.

During the last season, the officials conducted inspections and identified that vendors are buying huge quantities of unauthorised fertilisers, repackaging them, and selling them under various names at high prices to the farmers. Following this, the officials are suggesting the farmers to purchase fertilisers at authorised outlets only.

Guntur district agriculture department officials held a review meeting with manufacturers and dealers and instructed the owners to display price boards in front of the shop without fail. Guntur District Agriculture Officer Nunna Venkateswarulu said that the shop owners and vendors should maintain approved stock registers and bills.

“The vendors should supply the farmers quality seeds and fertilisers and severe action will be taken against those who sell the products at higher prices than MRP printed on the packs. The details of the purchases of seeds for cotton, and chilli should be informed to the officials and the sale of seed varieties which have high demand should be made available only after taking permission from the agriculture department officials,” he said.

He further directed the vendors to submit Form-D every month at the agriculture office including the details of the sales and accounts and failing to do so will be charged with criminal cases and punished accordingly.