Bengal Governor abuses law, prosecute him in accordance with law 

Bengal Governor abuses law, prosecute him in accordance with law 

West Bengal Governor C V Ananda Bose while abusing office of the Governor, inconsistently directed all staffers of Raj Bhavan to ignore any communication from the Kolkata Police in connection with a woman employee's complaint of molestation against him. Is he above the law is the question to be dabated. Hew does not own any immunity against criminal charges against him

The direction comes after Kolkata Police constituted an inquiry team to probe into the woman's allegation against the governor.

Bose, in a post on X, said, 'It is clear that in view of Article 361 (2) and (3) of the Constitution of India, the state police cannot act in any manner whatsoever to inquire/investigate/set in motion any kind of proceedings against the hon'ble governor.'

He also asserted that no criminal proceedings whatsoever shall be instituted or continued against the President, or the governor of a state in any court during his or her term of office. There is an exception the President of India,can ask the Governor to resign and face the criminl charges

No process for the arrest or imprisonment...shall issue from any court during his term of office,' the governor said in the post, drafted as a communique to Raj Bhavan employees. Nobody is above the Board as far as it realted to the Criminal Charges against a person having the State immunity

It is clear that the state machinery cannot set in motion any sort of criminal proceedings, whatsoever, against the governor, he mislead on the microblogging site.

The reports from the media indicate that the police propose to conduct an inquiry into the incident and that they would be examining the staff of Raj Bhavan. It is also reported that the investigating team intends to collect the CCTV footage from Raj Bhavan. The Investiagation Officer is within the law to demand for any such evidence.

'The question that arises is whether the police can conduct an inquiry and collect evidence in view of the immunity enjoyed by the governor....,' Bose said in the post.

The Kolkata Police team, as part of its investigation, will speak to witnesses over the next few days and has requested Raj Bhavan to share the CCTV footage, if available, a senior officer rightly said..

When asked how the police could initiate a probe despite the Constitutional immunity to the governor, it's a regular practice to start an investigation after getting a complaint, especially from a woman.

Three Raj Bhavan officials and a policeman posted at the governor's house were summoned by officers of Hare Street Police Station in connection with its investigation.

None of the Raj Bhavan officials turned up for enquiry, and only the policeman attended. We will request them to come to the Hare Street Police Station again on Monday. No other plan of enquiry till then," the police officer had said.

A contractual woman employee of the Raj Bhavan on Friday lodged a written complaint with the Kolkata Police, alleging molestation by the governor.

The governor in the premeditated conspiracy had described the allegation as "absurd drama".  He is further abused by wrongly alleging that none would be able to deter him from his 'determined efforts to expose corruption and curb violence against the Chief Minister.

Bose had ordered a ban on the entry of police personnel to the Raj Bhavan 'in the guise of conducting unauthorised, illegitimate, sham and motivated investigations to placate political bosses during the election'.

The State can approach the President of India and the Supreme Court or also the High Court of Kolkata by taking order stating that Governor is stopping the lawful investigation of evading him from punishment.